We have finally completed the design of our new "Jolie" Coop and Run combo that is pre-built and sized to be picked up on a standard landscape trailer or similar. 

We will be offering the coop in 3 colors with white trim. Built with a pitched shed style with all of our standard construction methods. It comes standard with roll roofing asphalt as shingle material. This is going to be a full size walk in structure, made in the same quality standards of our regular coops except that it will be in 2 stocked sizes only.  Any other size will be a custom order.  Coops will be available as a 4 ft deep x 8 foot long build, and as a 4 ft deep 10 foot long. The coop itself is 4 ft x 4 ft and the additional size is in the run area. Our design allows run space under the coop as well so your birds have a nice cozy area to dust bathe. The Jolie coops are a full 72 inches tall making them very human friendly for cleaning and chores.  They come standard with a roost pole in the coop, hinged exterior nesting box, functional securely screened vent window and a chicken ladder from coop to run floor. All doors have appropriate latches to keep predators out. There is an expected 2 week processing period to assemple and prepare your choices. As always, thanks for looking!

There is a custom version of this design shown in the "We Love Custom" category, so the choices are infinite!


Jolie series. Pre-built Coop and Run Combo

SKU: NV-01
Coop Color.
Run Color
  • For the Chicken enthusiast that needs a home for up to 6 birds with easy human access for chores and maintainence. Excellent upgrade from the flimsy imported assemble it yourself coops found in the big box stores. Rugged and built to withstand New England weather.  

  • Our Coops are custom built. Due to Bio-Hazards and disease issues please note do not offer refunds on delivered items, but will work out any reasonable issues.  We are here for the fun and benefits of raising chickens whether for meat, eggs or just pleasure.