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The hands down best seller in our Coop lineup.  The TS coop and run combo is an EXCELLENT permanent coop and run with scaleable sizes from a 4' x 8' footprint up to a 6' x 16' and anything in between or imagined.  Made with our high quality standards which include welded wire hardware cloth and a tab shingle roof to give you and your birds many many years of secure and maintainance free use.  This coop run combo offers ease of access to both the coop and run with ample sized cleanout doors, exterior nesting boxes and thru-eaves venting. We offer the upgrade options of Dual "Barn-Style" cleanout doors, and an additional functional window on any of our 6 foot deep coops. This is a "buy it once" coop. Available in your choice of colors. Additional window option is available and highly suggested for summer's heat if your coop is out in the open unshaded.  This series is offered customized to your specific needs. Available with a one level roofline, or a stepped lower run roof. Custom colors and options available. Email with questions.

Do not order from the website as we only require a 1/3 deposit on the order.  Email us with your prefferences and we will send you a request for deposit.

NOTE: Due to huge price increases and shortages in raw materials you may have noticed there has been a price increase on all our products.  Hopefully this will be temporary.

TS coop and run

  • All our coops are made without toxic pressure treated wood.  Hand hewn roosting poles are installed standard in all our coops and the runs can also be outfitted with roosting poles as well.  

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