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TS Coop and Run Pricing

Due to unprecedented Cost increases on ALL raw materials and the ongoing shortages we are experiencing, all of our Costs have increased, so we have determined our new price list accordingly. Hopefully this is a temporary situation until some normalcy comes around.

TS Coop and Run Price List 4-1-2022

TS 4x8  Coop and Run    $2095 
TS 4x10 Coop and Run   $2395
TS 6x10 Coop and Run   $2845
TS 6x12 Coop and Run   $3295
TS 6x14 Coop and Run   $3545
TS 6x16 Coop and Run   $3795

Delivery and Setup                  $200
Extra Window                            $125
Dual Barn Door upgrade         $175

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